Bupp’s Union Cemetery Association

Incorporated April 20, 1936

Incorporators and first directors

Walter E. Bailey (1885-1979), Loganville, Dir

Kerwin D. Boyer (1892-1978), Seven Valleys #

Glatfelters Station Store

Adam Hartman (1867-1949), Loganville, Dir.

Jesse K. Leader (1888-1951), York #

(r) F-I-L


Harry Lentz (1881-1956), Seven Valleys #, Dir.


Harvey Lentz (1879-1962), Seven Valleys #, Dir.

32 yr perfect attendance

Palmer McWilliams (1899-1980), Seven Valleys

32 yr Supt

George Meckley (1892-1956), Gladfelters

Bert A. Trout (1885-1979), Seven Valleys

Land of John & Barbara (Gn) Hildebrand

Jacob F. Trout (1872-1965), York #, Dir.

bd Bupp’s




This document is a partial transcription of Cemetery Association which was scanned from Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter's typed document. The scanned document contains additional information and diagrams pertaining to the property deeds registered in York County.