Early Glattfelder Family

Written by Dr. Charles Glatfelter, this booklet provides background information on Casper, his six sons, the homestead and park.  It is divided into two sections which may be downloaded by clicking on section 1 and section 2.


Our Swiss Ties

This is a brief account by Dr. Charles Glatfelter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America and the ties between the family in this country and their relatives in Switzerland. Please click link to Read More


Solomon Glotfelty (1738-1818)

Information pertaining to Solomon Glotfelty (1738-1818) and his descendents.

Felix Glatfelter (1747-1815)

Information pertaining to Felix Glatfelter (1747-1815) and his descendents.

John Glatfelter (1751-1811)

Information pertaining to John Glatfelter (1751-1811) and his descendents.

Henry Glatfelter (1752-1833)

Information pertaining to Henry Glatfelter (1752-1833) and his descendents.

Michael Glatfelter (died 1824)

Information pertaining to Michael Glatfelter (died 1824) and his descendents.

Casper Glatfelter (1758-1823)

Information pertaining to Casper Glatfelter (1758-1823) and his descendents.