Heimwald Park includes a Brick Patio on the North and East sides of the pavilion that includes bricks for family members purchased by family and friends.

The brick patio project has two purposes. First, it enables one to honor or memorialize family members near the place where the immigrant family and its close friends lived for many years. Here in the "home woods," family reunions have been held since 1913. Second, the project is intended to help the association financially as it carries out its several programs. Net proceeds from the sale of bricks become part of our endowment, the income from which is used in support of those programs.
Generation Bricks

This is your invitation to immortalize the name of a loved one or loved ones, at the same time you invest in the future of Heimwald Park.

At the suggestion of Mrs. Bonnie J. Glotfelty, Lakeland, Florida, in 1991 the Casper Glattfelder Association of America began a brick patio project at Heimwald Park. The original patio was located at the east end of the pavilion. In 2007, an expansion was added to the north side. Today, the patio consists of nearly 5,000 bricks, with 1,330 of them inscribed.

We invite you to participate in this program by completing the order form and returning it with your contribution. Each brick will be limited to one name with year of birth, or years of birth and death.
For example:

 To Order, please download and complete this form: Brick Order Form. To download this pdf to your computer, please right click the link and select - Save Link As.

Arrangement of the Brick Patio at Heimwald Park

  1. Names are listed by generation. Casper is, obviously, first generation; sons are second generation, grandsons third, etc. The 30-row patio currently goes to the 11th generation. The bricks are not listed in alphabetical or chronological order, but according to where they fit in the family.
  2. Each generation is noted by bricks at the end of the row. The number of rows per generation increase as the generations increase: The first through fourth generations are one row each; the fifth is two rows; the sixth is three rows; and the seventh through 11th are each four rows.
  3. Bricks are arranged by Casper’s sons. Solomon and Felix (along with John Peter and friends) are on the east side. John, Henry, Michael and Casper are on the north side. Bricks at the bottom of the patio show where each son’s section begins and ends.
  4. In general, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters are placed side-by-side or in adjacent rows. Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. are, for the most part, in a column in their respective generations. For example, a husband and wife in the sixth generation would be in rows seven, eight or nine (the three rows for the sixth generation) and their children would be in one of the four rows immediately below (in the seventh generation).
  5. Obviously, there are not bricks for all descendants, so some lines may just end, some are interrupted and some start in later generations.
  6. Also of note: As part of the cost, the association replaces bricks to update death dates and bricks that are damaged.

Please follow this link to see a pdf diagram of the patio Brick Patio Diagram. To download this pdf to your computer, please right click the link and select - Save Link As.
Please follow this link to see a 32 page pdf listing of the names on the bricks Patio Brick Listings (East/North Side). To download this pdf to your computer, please right click the link and select - Save Link As.

Brick orders may be placed at any time during the year. All orders on hand by early April are then processed and the inscribed bricks are placed on the patio in time for the next reunion.

Some Interesting Brick Patio Statistics

  • The brick patio measures 10-by-60 feet on the east side (30 bricks deep, 90 bricks wide) and 10-by-48 feet on the north side (30 bricks deep, 72 bricks wide)
  • In 1992, an order for 1,880 bricks was placed for the beginning of the patio.
  • In 2007, an order for 1,316 bricks was placed for the expansion to the north side of the patio.
  • There are approximately 5,000 bricks on the patio.
  • There are 1,330 inscribed bricks.
  • The percentages of bricks per Casper's son

As of 1994:
Solomon 33 percent; Felix 37; John 14.6; Henry 10; Michael 0; Casper II 4; John Peter and Friends 1.4.

As of Dec. 31, 2014:
Solomon 20.6 percent; Felix 39.8; John 12.6; Henry 18.6; Michael 1.1; Casper II 4.3; John Peter and Friends 3.

As of Dec. 31, 2019:
Solomon 19.9; Felix 39.4; John 13.4; Henry 18.9; Michael 1.1; Casper II 4.1; John Peter and friends 3.2

Total number of bricks per Casper's son

As of 1994:
Solomon 93; Felix 103; John 41; Henry 26; Michael 0; Casper II 11; John Peter and Friends 7.

As of Dec. 31, 2014:
Solomon 232; Felix 447; John 142; Henry 209; Michael 13; Casper II 48; John Peter and Friends 36.

As of Dec. 31, 2019:
Solomon 239; Felix 474; John 161; Henry 228; Michael 13; Casper II 49; John Peter and friends 39

As of May, 2021:
Solomon 239 (19.3%), Felix 476 (38.5%), John 175 (14.1%), Henry 242 (19.6%), Michael 13 (1.0%), Casper II 53 (4.3%), [John Peter (36) and Friends (4) 40 (3.2%)]

  • There are 1,237 bricks purchased by descendants; 93 purchased by the Association
  • The Association has purchased 248 bricks to update death dates, replace damaged bricks or make corrections