The 2013 Reunion

The 108th reunion is now history. It was held the weekend of July 27-28 at Heimwald Park. Since it was the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, the theme was The Glattfelders in the Civil War. On Saturday, the 27th two buses loaded with family departed Heimwald for Hanover Junction where we visited that important Train and Telegraph hub *


We then proceeded on to Gettysburg where we visited the Visitor Center, as well as the Battlefield. We wrapped up the day by returning to Heimwald where 120 of us enjoyed various York County foods and a Band Concert by the Bodbecks Band. 

Sunday July 28th 109 of us enjoyed the chicken dinner. The Reunion Program: "The Glattfelders in the Civil War" followed.

A DVD of the Reunion Program and Presentation is availble here.