Our 118th Reunion
Held Saturday, July 29th, 2023
"The Glattfelders and their Art"

The 118th annual Casper Glattfelder Association of America's Reunion is now history! We are very thankful for all who were able to attend the Reunion! We enjoyed beautiful weather, great fellowship, an interesting program, and good food! We thank all those who had a hand in the preparations and making it all happen! We had 105 people registered with 119 in attendance. We were truly able to celebrate all of our blessings and rich Glattfelder Family Heritage!

We are thankful for all the work done on the presentation "The Glattfelders and Their Art!" Harry Gladfelter, Julia Glatfelter, Todd Gladfelter, Cindy Ross, Bryce Gladfelter, Charlene Hershey Tuscany, and Cathy Clodfelter presented at the reunion.

A PDF of the Reunion Program: 118th Reunion Program

A pdf copy of the Reunion Presentation: "The Glattfelders and their Art" may be found here. You may wish to download this 13MB file for optimal viewing.

A pdf copy of Harry Gladfelter's complete "The Glattfelders and their Art" presentation may be found here. You may wish to download this 21MB file for optimal viewing.

The video of the reunion is available here.