Philip Glatfelter (1783-1864) was the oldest son of Henry (1752-1833) and Margaret (Heilman) Glatfelter (1760-1847). He was born on his father's farm in Shrewsbury (now Springfield) Township, York County, near Bupp's Union. His wife's name was Anna Mary (1787-1868). Her maiden name may have been Deveney, but we are not certain.
Sometime after his father left the Bupp's Union farm and moved onto one in North Codorus Township, near Stoverstown, Philip occupied the old place as a renter. For reasons as yet unknown, he never became its owner. When Henry Glatfelter sold it in 1832, the year before his death, the purchaser was not Philip, but Ludwig Bupp. Philip disappears from the township tax lists after 1831.

In 1901, Dr. Noah Glatfelter wrote that "Philip moved to Juniatta Co., Pa., some 60 years ago. He had 8 children. Have not been able to secure further knowledge of his family."
All that Dr. Noah could add for his 1910 supplement was that Philip had gone to Snyder County, not Juniata, and that the son of his daughter Susan Myers was living in York.
Using the United States census, we can find Philip, Anna Mary and eight children in Chapman Township, Union County, in 1840. Philip, Mary and three children are in Point Township, Northumberland County, in 1850. Philip, but not Mary, is listed in the same township in 1860. Despite many efforts, it has not been possible to locate and clearly identify more than five children in this family.
In 2001, Doris M. Yeager, a descendant of Philip and Anna Mary, informed the president of the Casper Glattfelder Association that she had found the tombstone of Philip in Riverview Cemetery in the borough of Northumberland.

The tombstone of Anna Mary is in the graveyard of St. John's Union Church in Mount Pleasant Mills in Snyder County.

These photos were taken by Philip Glatfelter on Oct. 17, 2011, when he and Charles H. Glatfelter visited them. They had previously visited the tombstone of Anna Mary about 25 years before. Tombstones of David and Veronica Hovis, who was Philip and Anna Mary's daughter, were also located at that time but were not found in 2011.

At Northumberland, the Riverview Cemetery caretaker, named Dee, pointed out Philip's stone, which is the only one on lot 21. The person in whose name the stone was purchased seems not to have been buried there. Upon brief inspection, no other recognizable names were found.