Our 115th Reunion
September 12th, 2020

This was an unusual Reunion! Board President, Tom Shelley noted that 75 years ago was the last time a Reunion Meeting of just the board members occurred. It was the end of World War II, and the association had not had the reunion in the previous four years.

While there was not the usual formal program, portions of the progam were still carried out including the Memorial Service, Business Meeting, and the singing of the Reunion Hymn at the conclusion of the Reunion Meeting. There were 22 Directors and Guests in attendance.

The Association was pleased to have Jim McClure attend the Reunion. He wrote the following in his column in the York Daily Record: "How do you hold safe family reunion during pandemic" Enjoy!

While the Reunion Theme for 2020 was to be "The Glattfelders and their patents", it was decided to postpone this presentation until 2021 and our 116th Reunion which is to be held on Saturday, July 31st. Harry Gladfelter and others have been working on this presentation, and have compiled an impressive list of descendants who are patent holders! A short preview to "wet your appetite" was created and is available here: Glattfelder Patents Preview